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Doctoral Student Officer

Rina Blomberg


070-269 45 08

Visiting Address:
Plan 3, Kårallen
Campus Valla

Rina Blomberg is the doctoral student officer (DO) for all doctoral students at all faculties at LiU. She also represents doctoral students in LiUs Education Committee. Rina has studied at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and holds a PhD in disability science.

Rina is available for doctoral students who feel the need to discuss their study situation, supervision, work environment, or similar with an impartial person. As DO, Rina has a duty of confidentiality, which means that you can contact Rina to discuss your case and then decide whether you want to take further action. If you prefer, Rina can also act on your behalf throughout the time your case is handled by the university.

Rina is also at the service of doctoral students who may not know where to turn in regard to more general questions. Such as where to find postgraduate courses, contact networks with other PhD students, or information in English.