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LinTek is the student union representing students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Our job is to make sure that your time at the university is the best it can be within several aspects of your student life. We make sure that you receive a high-quality education and a good work environment, that your life outside of your studies is enjoyable and create contact with companies so you know what you can do after your studies.

In short, we are here to help the students make the most out of their time at LiU. We represent all students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, both union members and non-members.

Most of the people who work at LinTek are voluntary students who come together to make your time at LiU as pleasant as possible. We also have around 10 students who have taken a sabbatical working full-time with our different areas. We have our offices on the third floor of Kårallen in Linköping, except for Thursdays when we are in Studentfiket in Norrköping instead. 

If you want more information from us or the section you belong to, please submit your email address in this form.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to send us an email: international@lintek.liu.se

International Handbook

As an introduction to LiU and the student life works at LiU, we have created an international handbook. The handbook covers what a student union does, the different student support functions at LiU, what the sections are and many other things that can be good to know.

You can find the Linköping verison of the handbook here.


Education – We ensure that you get a better education

LinTek has influence within the governing bodies of the university, making sure that the perspective of students, including the international ones, is represented. We look after your interests by making sure that your lecturers are helpful and competent and ensuring that your examinations are legally secure. Together with the sections, we conduct course evaluations where students can give their thoughts about the courses. These evaluations help the teachers to continuously develop their courses to make the education at LiU the best it can be. We also work with individual students in cases such as unfair treatment.

LinTek has now hired a Doctoral Student Officer!
Read more about the doctoral student officer.

You can read more about good things to note about education at LiU in the international handbook.

We have created a FAQ with the most common questions here

To report an issue with your education you can fill out this form: Report form


Community – a memorable time at the University

LinTek wants to ensure that your time at LiU is as memorable as possible, which means getting involved in matters big and small. It could be something as simple as making sure that there are enough microwave ovens for you to heat your food in or something as serious as making sure that you are not bullied or treated badly during your stay at the university. We want your time at LiU to be full of good experiences and memories. Throughout the year, LinTek organizes several social events; the welcoming of new students (commonly known as Nolle-P) and München Hoben, to mention a few. 

To report an student social issue you can fill out this form which will go to our Head of Welfare and Student Support: Report form

You can read more about Equal Rights here and Working Environment here


Future – a step closer to your career

Part of LinTek’s mission is to market technology students to the industry and commerce, as well as showing our students the width of their career options. The student union creates a channel for networking between students and companies, all this through lectures, field trips, case competitions, job advertisements, and informal meetings. The icing on the cake is LARM – LinTek’s career fair where you can connect with approximately 140 companies.



We are nothing without our members! Together we have a stronger voice and it makes it possible for LinTek to continue its work for a better experience for the students at the Linköping University.

There are four different membership periods:

100 SEK / One term

150 SEK / One year

300 SEK / Three years

400 SEK / Five years

You can easily become a member here.

Thank you! Welcome to LinTek. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email: international@lintek.liu.se

Governing documents

Here you can find most of LinTeks governing documents. If you have any questions regarding these documents do not hesitate to contact the board at styrelsen@lintek.liu.se.

Governing documents by set by the Union Council

Governing documents set by the Union Board